I'm Charles CHALAS, an independant art director, interaction designer and media artist.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm available for freelance work, don't hesitate to drop me a line to request a full portfolio and CV. →

I also like to mix some music, here is my Soundcloud



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Personal work blog

Objects and matters
01mechanic paper champignon base flesh-interface u_z brush
Some of my illustrations

← digital painting
door minusone stories toilets two
Signage for the Strate J campus in Delémont, Switzerland.

Project executed in collaboration with Rob Van Leijsen and Aurélien Mabilat.

Initiated in a workshop lead by Alban Thomas and Pauline Yapi, initial idea by Patricio André, Aurélien Barrelet, Jéromine Beuchat, Mélissa Pisler, Marion Saurel et Laura Wohlgehaben.

banner card-and-poster eam_eames_space_001_picture-head-geneve_sandra-pointet-baptiste-coulon logo_lowdef postcards2
Art direction and graphic design for the Re-Think The Eames exhibition in Milano, April 2013.

Graphic design
in collaboration with :
Florian Lambl
& Marion Tamé.

Show by
HEAD - Genève
Master design students

Curated by
Alexandra Midal

Workshop lead by
Nitzan Cohen
& Dominic Robson

← Outside banner
Photo © Sandra Pointet
& Baptiste Coulon
01-logo_space_artifact void-playbutton artefact void-gif-menu void2 bruit2 interstellar
A tablet game played with a tangible object in contact with the tablet screen.

In collaboration with :
Aurélien Gantier
Benjamin Gattet
Damien Mortini
& Catherine Uhlrich

Project website

← Void, Space Artifact game Logo.
logo-ct-003 ict-horse-008-final 01-longlivect 02-catch 03-chevalprairie 04-businessct 05-ctisdead
Posters and graphics for the Cheval Techno parties in Geneva

Electronics and performance sound design for Marguerite Humeau's exhibition :
The Things, A Trip To Europa
in 2013 at the Design Project Room in Geneva.

A program controls and synchronizes the ambient sounds and lights.
A pneumatic cannon is fired at regular intervals, projecting black powder on the wall.

Image © HEAD – Genève (Dylan Perrenoud), 2013

00-foret 01-logo 02-plaine 03-parking 04-vagues 05-kuhweb
Corporate identity for
Kids up Hill production company, 2012.

Photos by Mathieu Détaint, one of the company’s founder.

← Identity in situation - Photo by Mathieu Détaint
Animated poster made for the Graphic Alchemist show at Nachtwinkel, Antwerp in 2013, curated by Corbin Mahieu.

← Click on the image to watch.
Gif series commissionned by Kim Asendorf for his Extrafile project, 2011.

← 4bc.gif
armchair_ book_ camera_ cellphone_ face_ monitor_ pan_ paperclips_ toilet_ vase_
Gif series commissionned by the Fach & Asendorf online Gallery, exhibited in 2011.

← Armchair.gif
mxtp_001 mxtp_002
Covers for two mixtapes for Datathrash Recordings.

← Datathrash Mixtape 2 - January 2012
pierre pierre2 00_net_black 72_vsidle 8-red-antlers anim2 blue-rocks1 eyehairblink2 mixtape2 q_handswitchhand writing-board
A collection of .gif, made over the years.

← pierre