G.U.A. Camo

Project Type: 
Web Application
Release Date: 
Personal Project
My Role: 
Idea, UI/UX, Development

About the project

Generative and User Automated Camouflage (G.U.A. Camo) is a personal experiment to generate camouflage patterns from photos or digital images. The software uses the Google Vision API to obtain an ordered list of the main colors of the image.
It then uses this data to generate an svg file containing a camouflage pattern of the colors of the image.

How the generation process works How the generation process works

Technical details

The system is built as three separated components: an API style back-end, a separated database and a web app front-end.

  • The algorithm generating the pattern is written in Python using, among others, the Noise library.
  • The back-end uses the Flask microframework to manage the dialog with the front-end and serve pages and images once they are generated by the algorithm.
  • Source images, colors and camouflage data are stored in a MongoDB database for future use.
  • The front-end is built using the ReactJS library which allows a lot of flexibility and can generate dynamic and complex user interfaces.

Red and blue camouflage pattern

Image 006 cam cam

Image 100 cam cam

Image 121 cam cam

Grey camouflage pattern